Michel Javert Extravaganza

This smilie son of a bitch is Michel Johnathan Peter Javert - (his profile coming soon.)

He and Elisabeth, his nunly sister.

Wishing her goodbye as he is going to live in Ireland to help orphaned children
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Character Profile of the Day:

Adam Leonardo Christophe Javert.

Firstborn son to Christophe - secondborn to Hermia. His brother, his nemesis, is Cory - the "favored" son.

As a young man, before the absinthe, opium, and sexual drifting began, he was a generally good kid. He took care of his younger siblings lovingly - showing quite a propensity for taking care of babies. Namely, the twins Bernadette and Evan.

However, when these vices of his began to take hold, he went through a. . . gradual change. His favorite game to play is have sex with one of the prostitutes of the Absinthe Cafe, stay inside her, and openly refuse to pay for the medication or operation that would take care of his carelessness. It is entirely unknown how many heirs of Adam wander the earth. They could possibily be found in Italy, Spain, obviously France, perhaps some in Germany.

Still, for all these vices, he can maintain meaningful relationships - specifically with his sister Anneka, wife to a successful politician named Rico. More on their relationship as time passes. The web must be woven before you catch a fly.

Adam has been known to go into horrid bouts of violence. He has a morbid skill with a blade, and a chilling ability to displace his conscience entirely in the amount of time it would take to turn his enemy into a slab of nearly lifeless muscle.

In his own twisted and corrupt way, Adam loves his family to whom he was born. e has been married once. First to his long-suffering wife Emilie, whom he more often raped than loved, and who bore him one daughter: Eve. And to his second wife, Lucy, still married to him. Though he is jealous when Lucy wanders, he has been known to share her with another man while he brought up the rear, as it were.

Adam has long golden blond hair, a thoughtfully creased brow overshadowed by the tawny locks. His nose is long and straight, with thin lips and sharp teeth. He is predatorial and wolflike in every aspect, smiles when misfortune hits his enemies, particularly his father. He laughs often. Too often at times. Tall and thin, most often outside seen with his hands dug deep into the pockets of a long brown coat and a thin grey knit scarf, given to him by his mother with whom he most frequently maintains an arms-length relationship.
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First posting.

Well... here we go.

There will be a number of things that will go here...

I don't have any of them available to me at this moment in time.

But have faith, they shall arrive soonish. :)

Hydeinlondon and me, Emrelove will be your guide through the twisted back roads that are...


--- And let's have a hand for LM Jenga, hmm? Affairs,and happiness abound thanks to it. Yippeee....
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